Today is a special day! I don’t even know when was the last time that I’ve came here… almost a month, I think. Decided to write now because in this moment I’m not feeling well. And I know that writing is my therapy. Better not talk about what had happened… some things has just to be forgotten, but anyway, they hurt us a little bit. It’s ok. I’ve already turned the radio on, and I just love the song is playing, ‘Everything’. You know when you wanna stay alone, just making things that is pleasurable only for YOU, and to live some selfish moments… well, this is my moment. When I’m not THAT good to myself, it’s usual write in English. I don’t know why… I just like it. Maybe because I know that many people will not understand… or because I just want that one specific person does it. And I also practice my English… well… I have so many things to write… but I think I’m lazy now. Just wanted to calm down writing a little bit. (bit, bit!). Maybe tomorrow I come back… Now just wanna dance. And smile… even if I have to force it.
Peace for all!
Lots of love!

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